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The Jurucita Consultant provides a comprehensive portfolio of structural engineering and associated services. In response to the changing needs of a unique client base, these services are continually developed and expanded.


  • Full structural engineering consultancy service


  • Design calculations for all structural building materials


  • Site feasibility report to enable projection of budget costings


  • Preliminary site investigation report to determine foundations


  • Site levelling and setting out


  • Structural appraisals report on principal building components


  • Diagnosis of structural building defects


  • Expert witnesses


  • Legal reports for litigation or arbitration


  • Engineer's report for mortgage applications on behalf of vendor or purchaser


  • Insurance report in respect of a claim in the event of an insured peril having acted


  • Planning supervisor in support of the Construction (Design and Management)

Sound and dependable advice is essential in the appointment of a professional consultant in the pursuance of your brief or instructions.

Whether you require conceptual advice on a multimillion-pound project from design to completion, or advice on a minor structural alteration, or on a historic building demanding a sympathetic engineering solution, by entrusting your building project to
The Jurucita Consultant, you will be guaranteed a tailor-made and lasting structural resolution to the problems you face.

The rendering of professional services by the film will adhere to the recommendations and acts of The Board Of Engineers, Malaysia and The Institutions Of Engineers, Malaysia. The normal professional services to be rendered by the films as recommendws are as follows :-

a. Preliminary Stages
The professional services to be provided at this stage include :-

1 Investigating data and information relevant to the works an considering any reports relating to the works.
2 Advising the client on making any futher topographical survey of the proposed site of the works which may be necessary to supplement available topographical information.
3 Advising the client on the need to carry out any geotechnical investigation which may be necessary to supplement the available geotechnical information, arranging for such investigation, certifying the amount of any payments to be made by the client to the persons, firm or companies carrying out such investigation under the consulting engineer's direction, and advising the client on the result of such investigation.
4 Advising the client on the need for arrangements to be made, for the carrying out of special surveys, special investigations or model tests and advising the client of the results of any such surveys, investigations or test carried out.
5 Consulting any architect appointed by the client in connection with the architectural treatment of the works.
6 Preparing such reoprts and documents as are reasonably necessary to enable the client to consider the consulting engineer's proposals, including alternatives for the construction of the works in the investigations carried out by him at this stage, and to enable the client to apply for approval in principle of the execution of the works in accordance with such proposals.

b. Design Stage
The professional services to be provided by the consulting engineer at this stage include :-

1 Preparing designs and tender drawings in connection with the works, including bar bending schedules, if required.
2 Preparing such conditions of contract, specifications, schedule and bills of quantities as may be necessary to enable the client to obtain tenders or otherwise award a contract for carrying out the works.

c. Tender Stage
The professional services to be provided by the consulting engineer at this stage advising the client as to the suitability for carrying out the works of the persons, firm or companies tendering and as to the relative merits of tenders, prices and estimates received for carrying out the works.

d. Construction Stage
The professional services to be provided by the consulting engineer at this stage include :-

1 Advising on and preparing normal contract documents, including letter of acceptance for carrying out the works or part thereof.
2 Inspecting and testing during manufacture and installation such electrical and mechanical materials, machinery and plant supplied for incorporation in the works as are usually inspected and tested by consulting engineers, and arranging and witnessing acceptance test.
3 Advising the client on the need for special inspection or testing other than that referred to above.
4 Advising the client on the appointment of site staff in accordance with paragraph 3 of above.
5 Preparing any further bar bending schedules, designs and drawings.
6 Examine and approving the contractor's proposals and working drawings.
7 Making such visits to site as the consulting engineer shall consider necessary to satisfy himself as to the performance of any site staff appointed pursuant to paragraph 3 of this Part and satisfy himself that the works are executed generally according to contract and othewise in accordance with good engineering practice.
8 Giving all necessary instruction to the contractor.
9 Issuing all certificates as required in the contract.
10 Performing any duties which the consulting engineer may be required to carry out in any contract for execution of the works.
11 Delivering to the client on the completion of the works such records and manufacturer's manual as are reasonably necessary to enable the client to operate and maintain the work.
12 Deciding any dispute or difference arising between the client and the contractor and submitted to the consulting engineer for this decision, provided that this professional service shall not extend to advising the client following the taking of any step in or toward any arbitration or litigation in connection with the works.

The firm is bound by the constitutions, by-laws abd regulations of the Institution and the Board of Engineers for provision of professional servieces. All projects undertaken were precisely scrutinised, designed and carry out accordingly, bearing in mind the safety, health and economy of the society.

Other services

  • Project Management for property development projects, industrial projects, commercial projects, housing scheme and etc. Application for land conversion and subvision, application of project loan and finance, construction and supervision, sale and marketing, agreement and legal advice.
  • Design of prestressed concrete structure, prestressing and post tensioning system, rock and ground anchoring system.
  • Design of Micro Piling system.
  • Design and construction of gunniting, slope protection system.
  • Design and preparation of geotechnical report.
  • Contract management.
  • Computer Aided design and drafting.
  • Turnkey Projects.