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Completed Project - Industry

Item Description Client Project Costing
1. Proposed Rubber Examination Glove Factory on Lot 508, LR.Perusahaan Prai 8, Prai, SPT HOE HIN INDUSTRY SDN BHD RM 2,500,000.00
2. Proposed Factory on Plot 36, Sungai Seluang, Kulim Industry, EST, KULIM, Kedah LEVA INDUSTRIES SDN BHD RM 2,000,000.00
3. Proposed 20-30 Stages Tons FFB/HR PALM OIL MILL on Lot 741, AMPHOE THA SAW, CHUMPHON PROVINCE, South Thailand VITCHITBHAN PALM OIL LTD RM 4,000,000.00
4. Proposed 20-30 Tons FFB/HR Kilang Kepala Sawit On Lot 668,MK.8, P.W. AGRO JAYA SDN BHD RM 3,500,000.00
5. Cold Storage And Canning Factory On Lot 408 & 409, MK.12, Valdor, SPS TRADE OCEAN EXPORTER SDN BHD RM 3,500,000.00
6. Factory On Plot 257, Perai Industrial Estate, Prai, Seberang Perai AUTOMATON ENGINEERING SDN BHD RM 2,500,000.00
7. Chemical Gas Factory (Oxygen & Nitrogen) At Kamumtin Industrial Estate, Taiping SRI OKSIGEN SDN BHD RM 2,500,000.00
8. Factory On Plot 397, Lorong Perusahaan 10, Perai YEOH AH LOO FOUNDRY SDN BHD RM 1,500,000.00
9. Turnkey Project For Proposed Recycle Carton Area And  Cork Store To Existing Factory On Lot 436, Tingkat Perusahaan 4, Prai, SPT SONY ELECTRONIC (M) SDN BHD RM 1,500,000.00
10. Factory For Casting Of Metal Products At Taman Krian Industrian Estate, Parit Buntar FANG BROTHERS CASTING PRODUCT SDN BHD RM 1,500,000.00
11. New Factory And Office For Plastic Product On Part Of Lot 603, MK.6, Jalan Kilang Tebu, Sungai Dua, SPT SOUTHERN PLASTIC SDN BHD RM 3,500,000.00
12. Extension To Existing Workshop On Lot 115, MK.1, Lorong Perusahaan Enam A, Prai TAT WAY SDN BHD RM 1,200,000.00
13. Extension To Existing Warehouse On Plot 332, Lorong Perusahaan Satu, Prai AYZA INDUSTRIES SDN BHD RM 1,200,000.00
14. Engineering Works Shop To Existing Factory On Lot 262, Jalan Perusahaan, Prai THYE HENG ENG. SDN BHD RM 1,500,000.00
15. Infra-Structure For Acku Industrial Estate, Off Jalan Bagan Lallang, On Lot 568 & 615, MK.16, SPU ACKU PROPERTIES DEVELOPMENT SDN BHD RM 4,500,000.00
16. Factory And 2 Storey Office On Lot 350, MK.12, Sungai Bakap, SPS ORIENTAL POLYMERS (M) SDN BHD RM 2,800,000.00
17. Factory And Office On Lot 531, Lorong Perusahaan 12, Prai ACKU METAL INDUSTRY (M) SDN BHD RM 3,500,000.00
18. Addition And Alteration To Existing Factory On Plot 455 & 456, MK.1, Lorong Perusahaan 8, Prai SUNNY PRECISION (M) SDN BHD RM 1,500,000.00
19. Factory And Double Storey Office Block On Plot 568 & 615, MK.16, Off Jalan Bagan Lallang, SPU JIWEI INDUSTRIES (M) SDN BHD RM 1,500,000.00
20. Factory And Office On Plot 36, Lot 568 & 615, MK.16, SPU YEH CHANG HEAT TREATMENT SDN BHD RM 1,500,000.00